02 Sep 2015 Schoolies Week 2015 and 2016 Accommodation, Parties and Merchandise. Book your schoolies hotels, schoolies parties and schoolies week merchandise.

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Schoolies Week 2015, 2016

Check out all the schoolies week accommodation for 2015 and 2016, 1800schoolies provide the best places to stay during schoolies week, we also have the best exclusive parties, events and schoolies merchandise. Official Schoolies events are drug-free and alcohol-free events held at many Schoolies destinations. They include concerts, dances and parties. For all official events, attendees are required to be a registered schoolie and present a schoolie ID on entry. This schoolies ID, which at some locations includes a photo, is given to each schoolie upon registering, which requires the presentation of a current school ID and incurs a small fee. At many destinations, the official events are held in fenced-off areas or in nightclubs to prevent the infiltration of "toolies" and to maintain crowd control. Some events are free, while others (often those held at nightclubs) incur an entry fee.

Schoolies Accommodation

Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, maintains its status as the largest single venue for this revelry, attracting tens of thousands of schoolies. The Gold Coast is viewed as a liminal space, somewhere to get away, a city of theme parks and leisure by the sea where transitions are possible.

Schoolies Hotels

The Red Frog schooleis volunteers aim to support school-leavers through their week-long celebrations at Schoolies Week> They provide a positive presence within their party culture. The Red Frog Crew assist school-leavers by walking them home, cooking pancakes, cleaning their rooms, handing out Allens Red Frogs, and - most importantly - offering emotional support through what can often be a challenging schoolies week.